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The first Self-Wringing Mop on the market.

We have revolutionized the cleaning market thanks to our product.

No more hassle to wring it out

Say goodbye to aches and pain.

Thanks to its patented technology, you can prevent back and wrist injuries and you won’t suffer from aching hands, arms, shoulders or microalgae either. With FregaMagic you will only exert 4 Kilos of force and the mop will be left dry. You won’t have to exert a force of more than 30 Kilos to wring the mop out, just like you have to do with other mops. Moreover thanks to its top quality mop head, you just have to go over the floor once to leave it clean and dry. You can even use it on your parquet, laminate or vinyl flooring.

How does it work?

Innovative Hydraulic System

1. Put the mop in the wringer.

2. Put the palm of your hand on the top part of the handle and gently press down, to make sure that the plastic tabs go under the rim of the wringer.

3. With the other hand slide the handle downwards. The further down the handle goes the more the mop gets wrung out. Once is enough.

4. Pull the handle up with your hand, and keep the palm of your other hand on the top part of the handle, to make sure that the plastic tabs go back into their mop position.

The cleaning professionals recommend this product

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